White plastering material for final
finishing and wall defects adjustments.


High smoothness product for curing the defects of traditional wall methods and it gives marble appearance to Viga system. This marble look is very white, hard and saves more than 60% of painting stages within a layer not more than 5 mm. it can be applied on the same day of applying viga system or any other material as it can be directly be painted after being sure of the surface drying completely (a week from application). It is preferred to insulate it with a thin layer of celler so it is perfect to be applied over smooth concrete surfaces within the recommended thickness.

Technical Specifications

  Average compression factor (kg/cm)        25

  Average refraction resistance (kg/cm)    145

  Average surface hardness (kg/cm)            120

  Average density of mixture (kg/m3)         1450/1550

  Rational coverage rate of a sack                 30-40m2 1cm thickness

  Maximum thickness of layer (mm)             5

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