A complete plastering Mortar & lining system (white color)

Light Weight Mortar

Is an environmental friendly alternative to traditional sand-cement application for internal plastering surfaces.

Gypsum Plaster

An integral part of the drywall or ceiling system and serve as a backbone for them.

Green by all means

International for
building materials

With the environment in mind and the conservation of energy as a shared concern, we apply the most eco-friendly methods in its production processes. Raw gypsum is extracted from 100% natural resources, using environmentally conscious techniques – dust minimisation, waste diminution, and conservation of energy and water


Used directly over bricks for lining reaches 20 cm thickness with a 5 cm rate/hour for one layer till reach uniformity with the cord to result in a relatively coarse surface.

VIGA Mortar

The initial smoothing material of plastering surface for ceilings (all coarse surfaces, very hard surfaces) for saving cost during finishing.


A material for all wall adjusting applications (pores, cords, cracks, carpentry gorges and electricity cracks) it is quick drying and very hard.


A material for the final smoothing layer for a high quality finishing that saves 60% of painting stages.

Viga family

Starts after the stage of bricks to painting stage without splashing. Ready supplies for application and plastering skins (consistently high quality lining). Fast operated with the lowest percentage of waste.

White Plastering Mortar For Undercoat big Thicknesses


White plastering mortar for smoothing all kinds of surfaces (coarse &smooth).


White, instant, preparation quick drying and very hard finishing mortarl. It reaches the maximum hardness very fast.


White plastering material for final finishing and wall defects adjustments.

About Viga

What is the plastering mortar viga?

It is the most up to date application introduced to the Egyptian market by Eldawlya Company as an alternative for traditional cement lining which is composed of sand & cement. It commensurate with the weather and building methods in the Egyptian, Arabian & African markets. Viga plastering mortar is a complete plastering system starts from the stage of bricks to painting stage directly without the need for special tools or more workers, yet it saves a lot of employment, tools, time and effort. It is of high quality that suits the most sophisticated finishes, save energy and preserves the environment.

General characteristics:

This system is able to solve all problems of traditional cement mortar &masonry work as application time, or physical effort, low quality, plenty of application tools or multiple stages (splashing, sand, fermentation ,etc.,…..). This system is a complete one that contains high quality materials help in strong adhesion to all surfaces whether it is bricks, cement or concrete. This white material gives marvelous appearance in the stage of application, follow up or living. It also saves more than 60% of painting stages (saving time, money and effort). This material is of natural healthy properties (nonconductor of heat, absorbing harmful radiation, sound insulator and energy saving)

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